Across the Border

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''A great evening. Thanks to Across The Border for putting it together and to all those that entertained!'' - - - Andrew MacFarlane
''A most enjoyable evening. Thank you to all the performers who entertained us brilliantly.'' - Christine MacFarlane
''Really enjoyed your set tonight! Look forward to seeing you guys again some time soon.'' Matthew Oliver at the Royal Oak, Guildford.
''Hi, bought your 'Stories Before Bed' today from Village Greens in Ockley, I am very glad that I did, it is great.
Will certainly try to hear you live at The Inn on the Green.'' Jim Barclay

''Thanks for an awesome set at Natalie Ross and Friends tonight! Big thanks and hopefully see you soon from TST Live!'' Sam Allen at the Royal Oak, Guildford
''I was there and you guys rocked!!!'' Martin Bolitho at the Capel Music Festival
''Had a chance to listen properly to your album this evening. very different feel to this one. My favourite songs so far are, Stories Before Bed, Fifteen Times A Hundred Souls, The End Of Time and Pony Express. Thank you and keep the songs coming'' Theresa Stevens
''I was diggin' songs from your outstanding new album, Stories Before Bed, as I left you a wall posting on IMRadio. I hope your fans will enjoy hearing your songs at: Have a wonderful upcoming weekend! peace, Paddy"
''Great to meet you both on Saturday. A very enjoyable set. See you again soon'' Nicola & Greg Holland
''Brilliant gig as always'' - Paul Lindsay, landlord of the Inn On The Green
''I am contacting you in regards to your song 'Heatwave'. I work for a film production company called **************. We are currently shooting a documentary about energy and the story of a man who rides his bike +700 miles through the mountains and desert, visiting different energy sources along the way, probing the question of what the best energy source is. The film is going to be very publicized and we are entering it in Sundance International Film Festival, Tribeca International Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and Melbourne International Film Festival, just to name a few. We would like to give you the opportunity for your song "Heatwave" to be featured in our film. It would be a great way for your music to reach a huge audience. Please let me know if you are interested.''
''Enjoyed your music - keep it up!'' - Calley Daniel, another fellow musician in Colorado, USA

Hi David and Kim, thank you for supporting our new radio station with all thirteen of your outstanding songs! Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall on our home page, as you will see yourself up there soon..congratulations. Have a Super Sunday! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician (17th October 2010)

''Nice Tunes!'' - Fellow musician Luis David Arreola in Mexico

''The album - To use a vinicultural analogy, a mixed case of accessible fruit-packed New World wines and some traditional Old World classics that take a bit more time but are ultimately as, if not more rewarding.'' - Andrew McFarlane (Thanks Andrew - as the band is largely fuelled by red wine the analogy is fine by us!)

''First time I've listened to full set in a while and you are sounding very polished'' - Andrew McFarlane (Inn On The Green 20th May)

''Excellent CD, especially 'Second Sight' '' - James Parsons

''Wonderful songwriting - we love it'' - Katie Avenell in New Zealand

''Suprisingly good - I really enjoyed the CD'' - John Ovenden

''Love the album - great chill-out music'' - Dawn Hinton

''Love the album, love the cover and the lady in Chapel Street loves the pics on the reverse of the sleeve.'' - Marion Glynn

''Thanks again for donating your services for free. We made about £330 for PRA and the charity and I've already booked the venue for next year.
I've had so many say how good it was and how good you were.'' - Sharon Shoebridge, Pixham Residents Association

''Many thanks to you both for providing the music at our conference on Saturday. We've had lots of positive comments about how much people enjoyed your music''

''The much respected duo'' - Mike Sandford, The Emerald Club.

''I was speaking to a few of the guests this morning and they absolutely loved your show last night - we would love you to come back and perform for us again.''            - Anna Bennett, Events Organiser, The MS Society.