Across the Border

Friday 30th December: 2011 ends with the writing of our 40th song, 'Nightmare.' It's been quite a year with the release of two CD's and plenty of gigs and festival appearances. Perhaps the highlights were the Capel Music Festival, Hamfest, our set at the Royal Oak in November and the fun at the Inn On The Green a couple of weeks ago.

Very many thanks go to all our live audiences and to everybody from the UK and around the world who have followed us here, on Youtube and on Facebook.

See you in 2012....

Friday 9th December: A great night at the Inn On The Green tonight as we were joined by so many talented musicians. Many thanks go to the superb Harmony, to Capel's superstar Matt Emery and to the always outstanding duo of Annalisa and Chris. Special thanks to Mike Olney and the legend that is Doug Tait for being part of Across The Border for the evening. Thanks most of all to everyone who came along and made it such a fab evening.

Giving Lucas Renney's 'Rising Soul' a blast with Doug Tait.

And 'Knocking On Heavens Door' with Mike Olney.

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Sunday 4th December: This coming Friday's 'Across The Border & Friends' evening is going to be a good one. We have 'The Harmony' who were one of the highlights of this years Capel Music Festival, the superbly talented Matt Emery who is also the drummer with Stagecoach who have played both the Reading and Leeds Festivals, and our old friends and high quality duo Annalisa Edridge & Chris Lee-Delisle. We'll also be joined by Mike Olney for a few numbers.

Saturday 3rd December:
It's looking probable that we'll be back at the Crown in Capel early in the New Year. It's been two years since we last played there....

Friday 25th November:
After Thursday's fun it was a quiet evening at the Inn On The Green tonight. The next gig there is in a fortnight with plenty of excellent guest musicians including the talents of Matt Emery and the excellent duo of Annalisa Edridge and Chris Lee-Deslisle.

Thursday 24th November:
There are places to play and there are great places to play. The Royal Oak definitely comes under the latter, especially when sharing the evening with the superb Natalie Ross and her band.

Our set list:

1. Like a Hurricane
2. Honey Babe
3. She Is So Beautiful
4. Dead On The Tracks
5. Rising Soul
6. Train In G Major
7. Copperhead Road

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Friday 18th November:
Brambles closes this week after thirty years of providing invaluable respite to people with MS and their carers. At least we played our part in a memorable last evening's entertainment. We shall miss the place.

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Thursday 10th November:
Another splendid night with so many musician friends at the Emerald Club, made all the better when we were joined on-stage by the legend that is Derek Bond on the double bass. It can be a tad distracting if you think too hard that the bassman behind you once shared the stage in the sixties with the likes of Paul McCartney.

Tuesday 1st November:
Finished recording 'Auld Reekie' tonight, a song about David's home city of Edinburgh.

Thursday 27th October:
A hugely enjoyable night as we made our debut this evening with a thirty-minute set at the Royal Oak in Guildford. Gigs to follow there in the new year. We especially loved the set by fellow acoustics, the Whitaker Brothers.

Friday 21st October:
Sadly it's now been confirmed that Brambles MS Respite Home in Horley will close at the end of November. We've been playing there monthly since July 2009 and will miss performing to a very appreciative audience. We shall at least help to see the entertainment out in style as part of a gala night of bands and solo acts on the 19th November.

Thursday 13th October:
  Instead of the Emerald Club we spent the night in the studio completing the recording of 'Window To The World' and a rough cut of a new song called 'Coal'. The latter is all about Kim's Welsh heritage and, more specifically, the death of his maternal grandfather in a mining accident at Oakwood Colliery in 1931.

There's something very special about writing new songs and at the moment we don't seem to be able to stop doing it. The scary thing will be the moment we run out of ideas...

Friday 30th Sertember:
Another new song, 'Window To The World' written and part recorded.

Thursday 29th September:
A great night back at the Emerald Club on Thursday for the first time in several months though we were saddened to hear of the recent death of one of our colleagues, a veteran bluesman and guitar-maker who Kim had played with many times. RIP Trevor.

Tuesday 27th September:
Recording of 'The Perfect Crime' completed this evening. We're certainly not going to be short of songs for the fourth album which we're aiming to complete for January 2012.

Tuesday 20th September:
'Take Me Away' recorded tonight and another new song 'The Perfect Crime' written.

Saturday 17th September: An unusually quiet gig at the Inn on The Green this evening.

Tuesday 13th September:
Back to playing live tonight at Brambles after the extended break. An excellent evening it was too in front of the largest and most enthusiastic audience we've had in the three years of playing there.

The set list:

The Letter
Breakfast In America
From Clare To Here
The Arms Of Mary
The City Of New Orleans
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Knocking On Heavens Door
It Must Be Love
Daydream Believer
4 & 20
Down Under
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

Monday 12th September: A new song, 'Take Me Away' completed this evening.

Sunday 21st August:
After all the concerns of the last seven days it was nothing short of a privilege to be part of a spectacular Capel Music Festival. Fantastic weather, a huge crowd, so many great bands and, totally against our expectations, we've probably never played better. A very pleasing end to a busy summer and now we have a few weeks off before starting again in September.

The set list:

15 Years
4 & 20
Heart Of Gold
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Down Under
Copperhead Road

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Friday 19th August:
  Finally got round to rehearsing our set for Sunday. Felt good and (fingers crossed) David's voice seems well on the way to recovery.

Monday 15th August:
Unfortunately David started to lose his voice at the Kings Arms gig though we just about made it through the set. Still not good today so no gigs now until Sunday's Capel Music Festival which means we've had to cancel Brambles tomorrow night which is a shame as we always enjoy playing there.

Thursday 11th August:
A new gig for Sunday when we will be opening the music at the Kings Arms Charity Day in Billingshurst.

Sunday 7th August:
As expected Paul Hamlin's 'Hamfest' birthday celebration was a great evening.

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Friday 5th August:
Artwork completed for 'Stories Before Bed' - see the front page and the album page.

Tuesday 2nd August:
Rehearsed this evening with Mike Olney who will be joining us on Saturday for several numbers at one of our favourite gigs of the year: the totally laid-back hippie experience that is Hamfest.

We've also received the contract from the film production company wanting to use 'Heatwave.' A few points to question but things are progressing....

Sunday 31st July:
Another fun gig on a hot, humid evening at the Inn On The Green last night. Starting just after nine, we finished sometime after midnight.

The set List:

1. The Letter
2. Sundown
3. 15 Years
4. Simple Twist Of Fate
5. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
6. Breakfast In America
7. 4 & 20
8. Like A Hurricane
9. She Is So Beautiful
10. Sand Between Your Toes
11. Heal Me
12. Dead On The Tracks
13. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

14. Rising Soul
15. Knocking On Heaven’s Door
16. Fishermans Blues
17. Leaving On A Jet Plane
18. Marrakesh Express
19. Waterloo Sunset
20. Daydream Believer
21. Proud Mary
22. The City Of New Orleans
23. Into The Black
24. Meet On The Ledge
25. Copperhead Road
26. Down Under
27. Heatwave
28. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

29. Stuck In The Middle
30. It Must Be Love
31. The One I Love
32. When I’m Dead And Gone
33. Woodstock

Wednesday 27th July:
Most of our own songs have found their way into set lists over the last two years but we've never yet played a gig containing exclusively our own numbers.

This will be put right on 17th September at the Inn On The Green when we'll gig a selection from the first three albums.

Saturday 23rd July:
A new song was born today; 'Dead On The Track' and is sounding good. Good enough to go straight into the set for next Saturday's Inn On The Green gig.

Sunday 17th July:
Yesterday's Limeburners Festival turned out to be an excellent and well attended event. Hopefully plenty of money was raised. We had a good time, cruising through a one-hour set consisting of:

The Letter
A Simple Twist Of Fate
The Weight
4 & 20
Breakfast In America
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Daydream Believer
Into The Black
Meet On The Ledge
Copperhead Road
Down Under
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

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Friday 15th July:
Potentially exciting news today. An American film production company have contacted us requesting the use of 'Heatwave' on the soundtrack of a film documentary currently being shot, set in the desert and exploring potential energy sources. We'll post any further developments.

In the meantime it looks as if we'll be playing at a very wet Limeburners Festival tomorrow. Fortunately it all takes place in a large marquee.

Saturday 9th July:
Set list sorted for next Saturday's Limeburners Festival. We'll be previewing it for the good people at Brambles on Tuesday evening.

Sunday 3rd July:
Excluding search engine 'robots' we've now had over 7,000 visits to this site - thanks to all who have taken the time to drop in.

A photo from the archives - the very early days judging by David's red guitar!

Sunday 26th June:
A very enjoyable gig last night at the Inn On The Green with some new songs and a few old favourites making their first appearance in a while:

1. From Clare To Here
2. Make You Feel My Love
3. I Came In From The Mountain
4. You Do Something To Me
5. She Is So Beautiful
6. Simple Twist Of Fate
7. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
8. If You Think You Know How To Love Me
9. Honey Babe
10. Secure Yourself
11. 15 Years
12. Into The Black
13. You Ain’t Going Nowhere

14. Vincent
15. The Letter
16. You Can't Always Get What You want
17. The Weight
18. Knocking On Heaven’s Door
19. Sing
20. Folsome Prison Blues
21. Daydream Believer
22. Meet On The Ledge
23. Copperhead Road
24. Down Under
25. Heatwave
26. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

27. Sundown
28. Stuck In The Middle
29. Proud Mary

Thursday 17th June:
Recording of 'Her Own Private Hell' completed this evening and, with that, 'Stories Before Bed' is completed. The two remaining songs will join 'Journeyman' on the next album.

Artwork to work on now and the album should be ready in July.

Tuesday 31st May: Re-recording of 'Heal Me' completed this evening. Three more to go; 'Her Own Private Hell', 'The Walking Man' and 'Blind Faith' before we can settle on the final ten.

Sunday 29th May: We made our second foray into South London in a fortnight this afternoon for a gig at the Cricketers in Croydon. Very enjoyable it was too with a friendly crowd in a big Edwardian pub.

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The set list:

1. The Letter
2. 15 Years
3. Simple Twist Of Fate
4. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
5. Honey Babe
6. The River
7. Like A Hurricane
8. Into The Black
9. When I’m Dead And Gone
10. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
11. Rising Soul
12. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

13. Last Dance With Mary Jane
14. Knocking On Heaven’s Door
15. Sing
16. Folsome Prison Blues
17. When I’m Dead And Gone
18. City Of New Orleans
19. Daydream Believer
20. The One I Love
21. Stuck In The Middle
22. Meet On The Ledge
23. Copperhead Road
24. Down Under
25. Heatwave
26. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

Thursday 26th May: Recording of 'Love and Laughter' was completed this evening becoming the eighth finished track for 'Stories Before Bed.' There are three more songs to record and one, 'Heal Me' to re-record before we can decide the final track list.

Friday 20th May: The line-up for the Limeburners Festival in Billingshurst has been confirmed and we are playing a one-hour set from 5.30pm. Plenty of good bands, food, beer and attractions - see the poster on the Dates page.

Saturday 14th May: Quite an afternoon at the Palace. Two sets, a veritable ocean of faces and new gigs already coming out of it. Even better, the club's chairman has asked us back to next years two-day event which will be held out on the pitch. Oh yes, and Neil Morrissey is a rather nice chap.

More photos on the Pictures page...

The set list:

1. The Letter
2. 15 Years
3. Simple Twist Of Fate
4. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
5. The River
6. Like A Hurricane
7. Into The Black
8. 4 & 20
9. When I’m Dead And Gone
10. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
11. Rising Soul
12. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

13. Fisherman’s Blues
14. Knocking On Heaven’s Door
15. Sing
16. Folsome Prison Blues
17. When I’m Dead And Gone
18. Coming Into Los Angeles
19. Meet On The Ledge
20. Copperhead Road
21. Down Under
22. Heatwave
23. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
24. Last Dance With Mary Jane
25. Proud Mary
26. Stuck In The Middle
27. The One I Love

Friday 13th May: Another enjoyable evening last night at the Emerald Club with David's Gibson JS 200 Limited Edition making it's live debut. Time now to turn our attention to Crystal Palace tomorrow. Without doubt our biggest gig so far with over two thousand tickets sold in advance, we've now been asked to do two afternoon sets sandwiching whatever Neil Morrissey is planning to do.

Tuesday 10th May: Recording of 'Sand Between Your Toes' was completed this evening. This album is coming together very easily and with a musical atmosphere that we've never quite achieved before.

Tuesday 3rd May: Another new song 'Fifteen Times A Hundred Souls' came off the blocks at the weekend and was recorded today.

It's becoming apparent that 'Stories Before Bed' is going to have a very different atmosphere to the first two albums. There are no six minute epics and, for the first time, the guitar is being recorded acoustically which gives the songs a far more 'live' feel.

Sunday 1st May: Well as it happens it wasn't due to soundcheck issues so David went back to the tried and trusted Tanglewood. Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable gig. Special thanks go to Graham Lacey who guested on bass and to Graham and Terry Brown who, five minutes after meeting for the first time, put on an excellent half-time set. Photos were taken, and once we hunt them down, they'll appear here. For once we went for a set of covers and only included one of our own:

The set list:

1. The Letter
2. Flags Of Freedom
3. 15 Years
4. 4 & 20
5. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
6. Simple Twist Of Fate
7. Arms Of Mary
8. Like a Hurricane
9. The Weight
10. Into The Black
11. Knocking On Heavens Door
12. Rising Soul

13. Fisherman’s Blues
14. Folsome Prison Blues
15. This is The Life
16. It Must Be Love
17. Where Do You Go To My Lovely
18. When I’m Dead And Gone
19. Daydream Believer
20. Meet On The Ledge
21. Copperhead Road
22. Down Under
23. Heatwave
24. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
25. Mary Jane's Last Dance

Wednesday 27th April: A serious upgrade on the guitar front happened today as David finally acquired his dream guitar - a Gibson J-200. No doubt it will be unveiled at Fridays' Inn On The Green gig.

Monday 25th April:
Across The Border will play at the Limeburner's Music Festival in Billingshurst, West Sussex on 16th July.

Tuesday 19th April:
Another lovely gig at Brambles this evening for our MS audience. It's pretty much the only gig we do without either a PA or set list. Instead we make it up as we go along, do a few requests and generally have a good time with a great bunch of people.

Saturday 16th April:
Another new song, 'The End Of Time' completed as David put a very pretty melody to Kim's lyrics.

In the evening Kim guested with Across The Border's old friends Annalisa Edridge and Chris Lee-Desile at The Plough in Lower Beeding, south of Horsham.

Wednesday 6th April:
It's now confirmed that Across The Border will appear at Crystal Palace Football Club's first annual Beer Festival at Selhurst park, playing between 1pm and 2pm. The Festival coincides with the Cup Final which will be shown live. Tough gig!

Saturday 2nd April:
Two more songs written in the last couple of days; 'Pony Express' and 'Missing Persons'.

The third album will be entitled 'Stories Before Bed' and should be completed during the summer.

Thursday 31st March:
Another excellent night at the Emerald Club. Two new songs tried out: Tom Petty's 'Last Dance For Mary Jane' and our newest number 'Love and Laughter'.

Monday 28th March:
A night out at Guildford's Boileroom to see Roddy Woomble and his superb acoustic band. Across The Border drove home in a state of advanced happiness.

Thursday 24th March:
And another one. 'Love and Laughter' is written.

Tuesday 15th March:
Another new song 'Stories Before Bed' is written and recorded.

Friday 11th March:
'Heal Me' is mixed, mastered and completed.

Tuesday 8th March:
Here we go again - recording of the third album started tonight with 'Heal Me' which should be finished by the weekend.

Saturday 5th March:
After a week of live dates and an album release it was a pleasure to spend a relaxing evening being fed by, and running through the songbook with Mike Olney. It hardly seems almost eighteen months since Mike made his first live appearance with us on stage at Friends Provident. He's come on a bit since then...

Thursday 3rd March:
Two busy evenings, last night at Brambles and this evening back at the Emerald Club for the first time since November. An excellent evening it was too. Sharing the stage with a room full of talented musicians is the perfect way to ensure some serious game-raising.

Saturday 26th February:
Another excellent evening last night at the Inn On The Green and another new song 'New Lands' written.

Wednesday 23rd February: Forty-eight hours of feverish activity on the design and production front means that 'The Moon and The Sanctuary Bell' will be released to coincide with the gig at the Inn On The Green on Friday. 

Monday 21st February:
Well that's it then. Two evenings spent recording and mastering 'Parallel Lines' and the new album is completed. Only the artwork to finish and we're ready to go.

Sunday 13th February:
After a full rehearsal yesterday we were joined for an afternoon's jamming by our good friend Rob Eyres..

Friday 11th February: A superb night out at a packed Inn On The Green enjoying Prognosis and their fabulous  covers of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Supertamp, Camel, ELP etc.

Thursday 10th February:
A very enjoyable gig at Brambles on Tuesday evening. We decided to abandon the PA for the night which was very liberating.

The set list included a new cover, Robbie Robertson's 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down':

When I’m Dead And Gone
This Is The Life
City Of New Orleans
A Simple Twist Of Fate
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
4 & 20
Heal Me
Daydream Believer
Sand Between Your Toes
Fat On The Fire
Meet On The Ledge
Copperhead Road
Down Under
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

Monday 7th February: 'A Night Up West' is mixed and finished. Just 'Parallel Lines' to record now.

Sunday 6th February:
Guitar and vocals laid down on 'A Night Up West' - harmonica to add tomorrow.

Friday28th January:
The 2011 Capel Music Festival will take place on Capel Recreation Ground on 21st August. Just announced, this years event will be in aid of the Rainbow Trust Chidren's Charity which provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Thursday 27th January:
It's been a month-long enforced rest as David fights off the chest infection that has plagued him since the end of November. Next Thursday at the Emerald Club now looks reasonably hopeful for a return to playing live.

Tuesday 11th January: After a six month absence, Across The Border has been asked to return for a set of dates at Brambles in Horley, a respite care centre for people with multiple sclerosis. Somewhat absurdly the MS Society has been attempting to close these centres down and sell them off but Horley now has a stay of execution until the end of June. Always a satisfying gig to a lovely audience.

Monday 3rd January:
2010 was seen off in splendid style at Capel village hall on New Years Eve with Carol's 50th birthday celebrations. A pair of Across The Border sets sandwiched some rather lovely poetry from Clare Laker and a set from Terry Brown and Rob Eyres playing together for the first time in ten years. Kim joined Terry for a few just about remembered Blue Cables standards and then found himself well and truly upstaged by David in a racuous harmonica duet on 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'.

Changing musical hats, Terry's legendary In The Groove disco saw in 2011 and kept all bums well and truly off seats until 2am. All in all, quite a night.

The evidence can be seen on the Pictures pages....