Across the Border


High above the cliff on top of the tower,
Hiding on the ramparts, I feel the power.
Far below the waves are moaning,
A symphony of thunder, timbers groaning.
The souls of the damned are coming for me,
Crawling their way up from the sea.

Deep in the chasm I hear their cries,
Shipwrecked souls, their foetid cries.
But hidden in the mist, the oceans rolling,
Echoing the churchbells eternal tolling.
I wish there was a way out for me,
Before they get me, these things from the sea.

I came through the door to find this place,
An island of nowhere in time and space.
Where all my nightmares find their ends,
Where the man downstairs has sent his friends.
Why the hell is he doing this to me?
Just when I thought I'd set myself free.

I suppose I'm here to the end of time,
As I’m hiding from these creatures of the slime.
I can hear them now sliding up the stone,
I can smell their evil and I feel so alone.
Until they arrive I'll be searching for that door,
To take me back to where I was before.