Across the Border


It’s showtime in the Mermaid Lounge,

A roomful of blues to rock your soul.

On the stage giving it hell is T Bone Sloan,

Playing psychedelic hoodoo in the danger zone.

Sitting in the corner is Howling Maggie,

Social lubricant eases her soul.

Using voodoo music to take away the pain,

Holding onto the bottle to keep her sane.


Well its music to the ears and a sight for the eyes,

This is rock n’ roll heaven and hell.

In no-mans land between truth and lies,

Where Satan and the saints are ringing the bell.

You come here and you’ll likely find,

That by four in the morning you’ll have lost your mind.

This is rock n’ roll heaven and rock ‘n hell,

Where Satan and the saints are ringing the bell.

At midnight from the station grill,

The Blues Crew’s here for their nightly fix.

Drunk 'n disorderly since breakfast time,

They’re here every night for the T Bone licks.

And up on the floor she’s doing her tricks,

Bendy Wendy rides again.

Flashing her eyes at the grill house boys,

She’s a treasure trove on the Spanish Main.


Little Red Rooster’s got problem with the blues,

He’s trying to get everything right.

But nothing he does will solve the problem,

Of having two left feet and none on the right.

But up on the stage and down on his knees,

T Bone’s fingers are a blur.

He can’t end the solo he’s forgotten the words,

Just a rock n’ roll Shakespeare burning in hell.