Across the Border

Night Train

As I climbed on board the eleven-ten,                                 I sensed that all was far from right.                                  My fellow passengers smiled at me,                                 And stared out into the night.

I felt a shiver run right down my spine,                             As the carriage doors slid into place.                               And when the whistle blew,                                                   I somehow knew I shouldn't bew on this train.


All aboard the night train,                                                    For a journey to the end of time.                                         Will passengers for Nowhere Central,                          Change at the Mystery Line.                                                All aboard the night train,                                                       We guarantee you'll arrive on time,
Make yourself comfortable, enjoy the ride,                          On the last journey of your life.                                     

Then the inspector man walked through the door,      And took the ticket from my hand.                                    He said 'Invalid fare, you'll have to pay the fine           And then you'll have to pay it again.'
'But I'm on the wrong train' I told the man,                     'This is really not the one I want',                                      He said 'The problem's yours, you chose the route,    This service is express non-stop'.


I tried to read a book, I even tried to pull,
Thecommunication cord.
And I've walked the length of this goddamned train,
But there's not another soul on board.

So I'm sitting here now with my head in my hands,
I feel like I want to pray,
Because the end of the line is coming soon,
And my ticket is only printed one way.