Across the Border

About Us

Firstly take two musicians with a scary seventy years experience between them, an acoustic guitar, a bunch of harmonicas and a superb lead vocalist. Combine those elements with an extensive catalogue of covers and an ever-expanding list of original songs and you have the unique sound of Across The Border.

It all started at the 2008 Capel Music Festival when David asked Kim to guest on a couple of numbers in his set (see the pic below - thanks Andrew). What started as a one-off became a meeting of musical minds. A series of short sets at KTT gigs and the wonderful acoustic Thursday nights at the Emerald Club in Crawley convinced the pair that the partnership had potential.

The next step came at Kim’s 51st birthday party when David borrowed Kim’s guitar for some impromptu numbers, broke a string, took the guitar home to mend and promptly wrote his first ever song 'The Battle', a number that remains a live favourite.

Then in May 2009 the pair played their first paid gig for a conference at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford and decided that the partnership should be formalised and that they should find a band name. As anyone who has tried that will understand, arguments and long sulks usually follow but, amazingly, both had ‘Across The Border’ on their list and so on the 6th June 2009 the band was born. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

It didn’t take long for Kim to start wheeling out his lyrics for David to apply his skills to and at the same time rehearse their take on an increasingly extensive list of covers.

Undoubtably the highlight of 2009 was a short and very memorable tour of the west of Ireland which included many hours of gigging fuelled by vast amounts of Guinness and (appropriately) Jameson's nectar.

Since then it's been a constant round of gigs and festival appearances as well as three albums: 'Into The Light' in March 2010, 'The Moon and the Sanctuary Bell' in February 2011 and 'Stories Before Bed' in August 2011.

David Jameson (Guitars & Vocals)

David’s roots lie in folk music but like so many, progressed to encompass all forms of music. He has been performing for much of the last forty years since forming his first band, Auld Reekie in his native Edinburgh at the age of sixteen and sharing the stage with a legend.

A talented multi-instrumentalist , he moved to London playing sax at many of the major pub venues with two bands; Back Street Company and Urban Clearway.

Having relocated to Capel David discovered live music thriving in the area and started to perform again as a singer/guitarist and as saxophonist with the Capel All Stars.

David’s gigs have included tours of the Shetland Isles incorporating the oil terminal at Sullom Voe, Germany and Italy as well as numerous gigs in the UK.

Kim Rowley (Harmonicas & Vocals)

Originally inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Paul Jones and Steve Gibbons, Kim has been playing the harmonica since 1978 though his first real involvement in music was as manager of the eighties London pub band 'Eat The Bear' which included such luminaries as Bill Oddie, and Bob Sellins who later played with premier blues band The Blue Bishops.

After moving to Capel in 1987 Kim re-discovered his harmonicas and became a founder member and lyricist with 'The Blue Cables'. Since 2000 he has been part of both the 'Capel All Stars' and 'KTT' as well as having guested with many musicians in the UK, the US and New Zealand.