Across the Border

A Traveller's Tale

I'm at the airport standing on my own,                       Waiting for a call on my mobile phone.                           I'm a solitary speck amongst humankind,                      Waiting and watching for one of my kind.

Disembarking from the ten fifty-three,                       Three hours late, will they wait for me?                            In the arrivals hall and passport control,                          All I am is an alien soul.


I'm tired and I should have travelled light,              Because my bags failed to show up with my flight.

I should have known when I stood in the queue,           In terminal four of the human zoo,                          Overbooked, downgraded, I am the back of the plane, So go with the flow or go insane.

We're in the air and the feelings not good,            Turbulence delays the arrival of the food.                      When it finally arrives my appetite's gone south,          It's hard to feel hungry when your stomach's in your mouth.


We're finally down and my itinerary's shot,                         But I'm going to have to make the best of what I've got.                                                                                    Which is not too good as I know the signs,                      Of not enough food and too much wine.                                                                                       

So here I am under glass and steel,                              With an overwhelming sense that it can't be real.        The same adverts, the same tax-free mall,                     Air travel certainly makes the world seem small.


So before I wait in line for a rip-off cab,                           I'll have a couple more drinks and put them on the tab. Going back will be worse, that's the probability,         Why the hell I do this is a mystery to me.