Across the Border

Kissing The Cobra

I spend my life losing losers and I lost you,

Cured myself of your venom and your writhing too.

Put my life back together, standing on my own,

When you landed on my doorstep looking for a home.


I can see that it's happening, happening again,

I close my eyes and I count to ten.

I can't do much more, I've lost the fight,

And I'll be kissing the cobra tonight.

I'm going to play that tune and watch you dance,

When I clap my hands you'll be in a trance.

Gonna milk those fangs and pull your tail,

But then you knew that would never fail.


I guess I'm back in the basket wrapped up in you coils,

To the loser misery, to the winner the spoils.

I'll spend the next ten years tring to get away,

But even if I do you'll be back one day.