Across the Border


It was exciting at the start the travelling and the views,

to try a different land where customs were all new.

to communicate by hand signs and order foreign food,

was difficult at first but we did the best we could.

Landing at the airport toolbox made the trip,

Loading up the taxi how much do we tip.

arriving at the digs in some far off distant land,

meeting all the characters who made up this motley



The work was hard the hours were long,

worked in the rain and when the sun shone.

met the locals and joined their fun,

partying hard not to be undone.

The motley crew of workmen building on the site,

were running from responsibilities always taking flight.

They had no thought of others or the life they left behind,

waiting only for the weekend to party with their kind.

The locals thought us crazy for the antics that we pulled,

the feeling of a brotherhood was slowly being fuelled.

a one for all and all for one mentality emerged,

as friendships grew with every day of problems being


We all had different reasons for working far from home,

some partyed hard some saved and kept some always

needed loans.

But as the weather began to turn with winter setting in,

our time was up our work was done return to waiting kin.

Some rued the day the work was done as it meant

they had to leave,

to face up to responsibility from the kin they had


With mixed emotions we said goodbye to the tight knit

bunch of blokes,

with one last light out on the town to get well and truly